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Why Gymom Guru?

Why Gymom Guru?

It’s kinda catchy and it really describes who I am. I’ve been in gymnastics all my life in some role – gymnast, coach, gymom, Vice President at USA Gymnastics, and even passed a judging test once! I love the sport. I’ve seen it from a lot of different angles.

I loved coaching my daughters when they were young (Tiny Tumbler and Level 4) and helping with the outdoor exhibitions they attended with their gymnastics club.

I was always eager to help with the TOPs testings and one of my favorite memories was being a “Gymom” and taking my girls to competitions all over the country as they were Level 4-10.

And, then there were the elite competitions with Sam – the Classics, Championships, Olympic Trials, World Championships and Olympic Games. They were exciting, fun, enjoyable and STRESSFUL. It was an amazing journey to watch my daughter’s hard work pay off. I loved visiting a variety of cities all over the globe and cheering on team USA.

I also loved my 30 years working at USA Gymnastics in the media and communications department, women’s program and program development and I’m so grateful for all of my experiences. I had the opportunity to work with talented and bright gymnasts, coaches and staff at World Championships, Olympic Games, Pan American Games and feel honored to have experienced so many amazing moments in the sport.

The icing on the cake was watching my daughters compete at the collegiate level and cheering on their teams and traveling to different colleges from one side of the country to the other.

Now I’m working with Jill Hick’s Consulting as an advisor and helping college bound student gymnasts in their search for spots on college gymnastics and/or acro & tumbling teams. It is so rewarding working with families and advising them on the college recruiting process. I love talking to college coaches about what they are looking for in a recruit. I find joy when a connection is made and an athlete finds the perfect fit.

I’m also traveling with Samantha and her Beam Queen Bootcamp. I guess you could say I’m the “gymom” of Beam Queen Bootcamp helping with registration, merchandise and whatever needs to be done. The most exciting part, I’m also doing two parent educational sessions at each BQBC location.

My favorite part is talking to the parents. In the last year I’ve heard lots of parents’ questions and concerns, so I’ve created the Gymom Guru.

My hope is this could be helpful to gymnastics parents who have questions and are not sure where to find the answers. I hear questions about which track their daughter is on, or how to better communicate with coaches, or how to keep your daughter motivated during an injury, or what to do if you daughter wants to quit, or how do you balance school and gymnastics, or what to say after a bad practice, or how to balance gymnastics and life, or what to say after a rough meet or if their daughter’s fear will ever go away, just to name a few.

There are things I’ve learned along the way that I wish I would have known a long time ago, but there was no Gymom Guru when I was going through my journey – in fact there wasn’t even internet and social media! Yikes.

I plan to pick a topic and discuss it from my perspective. My answers my not be correct for everyone but I can tell you what worked and didn’t work from my journey. And I can share with you what I’ve seen in the sport during my time being involved. Each gymnast has her own unique situations and circumstances and sometimes parents have questions about what is best for their daughter!

I’ve enjoyed all of the different hats I’ve worn and now I’d like to give back and share some of these experiences with you and (hopefully) make your journey a little smoother.

So … if you have a question or want to discuss a topic – let me know! Hopefully we can create a Gymom community and help one another by sharing information. And, if you have a confidential subject you’d like to discuss, email me at [email protected]

I can’t wait to hear from all of you.


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