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Carly Patterson Credits Her Mom For Helping Her Achieve Her Goals

Carly Patterson credits her mom for helping her achieve her goals

Carly Patterson established herself as a pioneer for U.S. women’s gymnastics back in 2004 when she was the first woman since Mary Lou Retton to win the Olympic all-around gold medal. And, it was the start of something good — the U.S. women have gone on to win the Olympic All-Around gold medal at every Olympics since with Nastia Liukin winning in 2008, Gabby Douglas in 2012, and Simone Biles in 2016!  Thanks for getting the ball rolling Carly.

Ever wonder how a mom of an Olympic Champion helped her daughter through her journey?

Patterson credits her mom, Natalie, for helping her to achieve her goals. Check out some of the things Carly Patterson’s mom did that were keys to success for Carly!

 “My mom was awesome. She was always so supportive of my gymnastics career and whatever I wanted to do.  She cooked healthy meals and also helped me learn how to prioritize my time with homework, rest time, and fun time, so that I could still feel like a normal kid.

I think a big key to my success was that when I got home from practice each day, she might ask how it went and if I wanted to talk about it, but she didn’t push. If I wanted to talk I could, but if I didn’t want to talk that was okay, too.

My gym life was separate from my home life and I think that was so helpful for me to reset/recharge in times I wasn’t in the gym.

I saw other moms that pushed their kids to do gymnastics and were living their dreams through their daughters and that never works, so I’m thankful my mom was the opposite of that.”

In a Dallas News article, Carly’s husband Mark Caldwell said, “Carly’s a very real person. Her family has always kept her really grounded.”

Carly married Mark in 2012 and the couple have two children Graham Mitchell, age 2, and daughter Emmaline Rae, age 7 months. Now, Carly will be guiding her children and helping them to achieve their goals.




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