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Bridget Sloan’s Secret Weapon

Bridget Sloan’s Secret Weapon

Behind every great gymnast is typically a support system that includes a mom and dad. Most moms and dads have the best intentions to be a valuable, positive force in their daughter’s gymnastics career.

2008 Olympic Silver Medalist and 2009 World Champion Bridget Sloan is no exception. Bridget was not only a great elite gymnast, but she was also a nine-time NCAA Champion from the University of Florida. And, she had a secret weapon, her parents, who were behind her every step of the way!

When asked about her parents’ role in her gymnastics, Bridget said:

“My parents really let me ‘take the reins’ when it came to my gymnastics career. If I wanted to accomplish something great in the sport, it was my job to put the work in. It was my thing. Yes, they drove me to practice, cooked for us (me and my siblings) and were great supporters, but I always knew it was my sport and my passion giving me the motivation. There was never any pressure on me to go to practice – I wanted to go to practice. It came down to me knowing that practice would make me better and would help me to accomplish my goals. My parents were my biggest supporters and made so many sacrifices for me. I truly believe because they let me make my own decisions and form my own path in the sport, I was able to accomplish my goals.”

Mary and Jeff sure did a good job in helping Bridget achieve her dreams. Congrats Sloan Family.









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