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Betty Okino – “My Parents Always Let Gymnastics And The Olympic Dream Be Mine.”

Betty Okino – “My parents always let gymnastics and the Olympic dream be mine.”

Betty Okino was a member of the 1991 World Championships team that earned a silver medal and the 1992 Olympic team that earned a bronze medal. At the World Championships, Betty also won an individual bronze medal on balance beam.

Betty is a wife, choreographer, motivator, coach and co-creator of Peak Training Camp.

I asked Betty to look back on her gymnastics journey and tell us the best thing her parents, Aurelia & Francis, did to help her achieve her goals.

Betty said, “I feel the best thing my parents did during my gymnastics career, was let it be mine and mine alone, not their dream. They cheered me on. They supported me in every way they could. They let me know, no matter what, they were proud of me.

They always let gymnastics and the Olympic Dream, be mine. There was never any pressure from them, only support.

My advice to parents would be, never let them quit after a bad day. And above all, let them know you love them and are proud of them, with or without gymnastics.”

For those of you reading my Gymom Blog, you are probably seeing a pattern from the Olympians I’ve talked to about what their parents did to help them achieve their dreams. Many of these Olympians have said their parents allowed them control in their sport and they loved and supported them regardless.

Although most parents have good intentions and want to help their son or daughter succeed, it is important to allow our kids to be the guiding force in their gymnastics journey!

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